Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Local Pastures Yarn

For the last few weeks Mimi and I have been working on designing yarns to be mill spun.  It is actually harder to create interesting yarns within certain restrictions. When you hand spin you can do anything you like, but for a mill spun project the restrictions are many. Large machines have to handle the fibers and they have their limitations.  But Mimi and I brought 250 pounds of raw fleece to Yolo with specific instructions and the first samples have returned with great success.

Shearing at Windrush Farm of the "retired girls". They live out 
their lives in West Marin roling hills pastures.  

Eventhough the batches we have are small, they are beautiful.  We have 2 lots of 75% wool and 25% mohair in natural white and light grey and 1 lot of 75% wool and 25% alpaca in a darker grey. 2 ply worsted weight and very very soft.  Then we have 2 lots of local wool with soy silk flecks in light grey and a darker grey, these are very fine fingerling weight.

We will show these yarns and have them for sale this Sunday at Fibershed's fashion show of all locally sourced and locally produced and created garments. As well we will have 2 garments and a hat in the fashion show that were created with Local Pastures' Yarn.

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