Sunday, May 8, 2011

CCA Final Presentation

This last Friday Mimi and I (and alas Mimi could not make it) were invited to join the  presentation of the students who had taken the Local Fiber Incubator class as CCA.
I was stunned to see how innovative and real the ideas were.  The students created something within their field of study from  local fiber sources they had visited during the semester. They visited wool, alpaca and llama farms, cotton farmers and local wool mills.

Presented were ideas for interior architecture and lighting, wall planter decorations, gardening ideas, fashion and accessory creations and philosophical concepts.  My hat goes off to the instructors who came up with the idea of teaching this interdisciplinary class. A difficult task in an ever changing world, where exposing students to the concept of local sourcing will make such a difference for the future.

These were light boxes with a thin layer of wool stretched  over the box to create a wonderful effect.

These were plastic formed spheres with wool roving or felt stretched over them to create a wonderful light effect.

A nuno felted dress with a felted flower scarf. A beautiful presentation of how local wool is felted into silk and then dyed in rust and gall oak which gives a warm brownish red with black.  A stunningly beautiful ensemble and very craftfully made and presented.

This booklet was recorded by one of the student and incorporated all the elements from the farm and land visits to the classes to what all the other students made.  Beautifully done with hand drawings, photo shop manipulated pictures and actual material. It was sewn and bound with thread. A wonderful cooperative project that reflects the preciousness of this class.
A series of felted bracelets in all shapes and forms. All from a blend of local wool, alpaca and 2% cotton.

A logo design for Local Pastures.

A rug from felted pencil roving, then needled felted in place to fortify the whole.  It is very soft to stand on.

Felted plant holders as well as seedling pots (not shown here). They looked beautiful.

A chair (I don't know how to spell "puff") with a felted top. A beautiful ragged ridge made the simple design rich against the canvas foundation.

All of this was created from these basic local ingredients, wool and alpaca roving, yarn and cotton.


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